Add a printer and resolve the problem:


To install a  printer you must have Administrator privileges.

  • You can also add a printer by clicking Add a printer.  This option is available only  if a printer is not currently selected.

In the most cases is easy to install a printer. Just open your CONTROL PANEL;
Find PRINTERS AND FAXES icon and click it.
Find ADD A PRINTER and Click it...
Browse the manufacturers. If you will use large format media - find one with ability to print onto A3 media. You can switch to A4 later.

For our needs one EPSON or HP will be fine. This will resolve the problem with running the program.
  • When you are finished, the printer will appears in the Printers and Faxes folder.

Open  Tattoo Pro Software and create your tattoo and your stencil.

Finally save the project.

Save a copy of the project together with our software onto the flash drive or onto CD, DVD disk etc....

Visit your tattoo artist.

RUN our program there...


Open the folder of the project and print the stencil  and all necessary files ONE BY ONE !

If you use REGISTERED COPY when create the project - the text "DEMO" will not appears.

Our  recommendation is: use a VIRTUAL PRINTER !

You can preview your files onto the media without loosing paper and ink
 This is very useful until you learn to work with our program.

Some office applications installing virtual printers/PDF creators - is possible to have one. Just open the Printers And Faxes folder and check for installed devises.

If your  Printers  And Faxes folder is empty, download and  install one  from here:

Primo PDF
Bullzip PDF Printer Free
PDFill Free PDF and Image Writer
Paperless Printer
PDF24 Creator
Polestar Virtual Printer
SWF Printer Pro
7-PDF Printer

You can save your files as PDF files . You can print it or share later ...


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